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Camp site at JeleDzong, Druk path Trek  ( from Paro to Thimphu)

Find a breathtaking way to see the stimulating wilderness of the kingdom of Bhutan is through trekking! The best part of sightseeing in Bhutan is all about hiking and trekking. Most voyagers to Bhutan chooses the fairly easy to intermediate and average to tough, only some pick for tough to intense level treks at an altitude of 7500 meters. About 70% of the countryside in Bhutan is secluded by forests and we will guide you to complete wilderness were you come across a variety of flora.  Most of the trek routes go by these areas and you will observe the natural habitat. 

Our treks include array of Easy to Medium, Medium to Hard and Hard to Extreme level with range of choice from our package and we also deals with customized trekking as per your test and need. All trekking are being set as camping trips as there are no lodges along the trails. Your trekking camp is at chosen place where there is good-looking scenery. Our staff on field will set up camps, prepare tea, lunch and dinner at an appropriate time before you reach at the campsites.  You will walk with your bag-pack with cameras, jackets, water bottle and medicines if you are under medication.

Following are the trekking packages we provide

Easy Level Trekking

                         ü  Bumthang Cultural Trek

ü  Chelila Nature Trek

ü  Druk Path Trek

ü  Punakha Winter trek

ü  Samtengang Winter Trek 

Medium level trekking

                          ü  Dagala Trek

ü  Gantey Trek

ü  Jhomolhar Trek 

Hard Level Trekking

ü  Jhomolhar Trek II

ü   Laya - Gasa Trek

ü  The snowman trek 

When is best time to trek in Bhutan? 

The best season for trekking in Bhutan is spring (Feb to April) and autumn (September -November).  The spring and autumn is generally a high season for tourists, so you will find other trekkers on the same route.  Our Easy to Medium level trek such as Samtengang Trek, Gangtey Trek and Bumtang treks runs throughout the year.

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