Architecture of Bhutanse House

Trashigang Dzong

Trashigang Dzong

Located on a mountain ledge overlooking the Dangmechhu, Trashigang Dzong is one of the most strategically placed dzongs in the country because it is accessible only from the north.

It was founded by Trongsa Penlop Chhogyal Minjur Tempa when the eastern region of the country was brought under Drukpa rule according to the prophecies of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal.

The Dzong has an inner sanctum of a guardian deity (gongkhang) and several other temples like the Lam Lhakhang, Guru Lhakhang, Tshogshing Lhakhang, etc

Rangjung Lhakhang:

Away from Trashigang, driving towards north will lead to the Rangjung town. Today people from five different gewogs assemble in this town & carry out trade businesses. The temple is located on a small hillock overlooking the town.

Gom Kora:

Architecture of Bhutanse House

Gom Kora, huge black stone where Guru mediated to subdue the demon

Is set on a small alluvial plateau, 24 kms away from Trashigang.  Guru Rinpoche once mediated at this place in order to restrain a demon that dwelt inside a huge black rock.

Namdru Choling Lhakhang:

Away from Rangjung town will lead to a village through the rice fields. The temple is located at the end of the wide road. It is also known as Phongmey Lhakhang. It was built in the late 1890’s. It serves the spiritual needs of the village.

Dangling Tsho 

Dangling Tsho which is a lake dedicated to Dangling a powerful local deities that protects Khaling and surrounding areas. In this region you will also come across the “Brokpa” the nomads from Merak and Sakten who lives further north of the country

Chador Lhakhang:

Through the feeder road, Chador lhakhang is located an hour & half away from Trashigang town. It is well known for fascinating tales revolving around its famous thumb size replica of Chador.

Architecture of Bhutanse House

Kanglung Zangdopelri monastery, near Sheruntse College, Kanglung

Kanglung Zangdopelri:

Located 22 kilometers away from Trashigang the Lhakhang was built by the late Tamzhing Jagar in early 1970’s.  One can see the most intricately designed statues as well as the monastic school.

Yongphu Lhakhang:

This is the oldest temple in Trashigang and possesses several sacred relics. Twice in a year a religious festival is conducted to venerate the feats of religious luminaries like Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche)

Kupijigtsam Lhakhang:

The Kupijigtsam Lhakhang or the temple of cuckoo is situated on the other side of the valley, in the valley of Yangneer. It is a sacred monument built in 15th century.

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