A romentatic time together in Bhutan

A romentatic time together in Bhutan


Looking for a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the anxiety you encountered from preparation for wedding ceremony to attention you receive from family and friends on your marriage. If you are looking to spend some romantic quality time together in a very special

Location and do something you've never done before. Then Bhutan is the right place for you as Bhutan is regarded as peaceful quixotic honeymoon destination by our past guests who visited for same; you can enjoy stunning forest walks, enclosed by splendid valleys with an amazing sight of the Himalayan mountains sheltered with snow and green lush scenery.

If you intend to visit Bhutan, then we will be the right host to serve you better with our experienced and expertise in it. We have specially designed packages to ensure that they are up to your honeymoon standards.

We also provide you with wedding ceremony in our customary Bhutanese approach, a night completely open-air with local people to perform cultural programs to entertain you, attend special prayer ceremony, exchange gifts and we award scarf for congratulating for long and happy marriage for life time. We have dedicated team just for honeymoon and they will make your honeymoon as romantic and as memorable you can never forget. We have a professional photographer to take photos of your.

Detailed Itinerary can be customized as per your need and time frame.

Following are some of our brief itinerary.

1.    Honeymoon Tour - 6 days 5night.

Places of Interest are Paro Valley, Thimphu and Punakha

Our tours in Punakha reveal impressive dzongs, and Paro's location along ancient trade routes is evidenced in its rich culture and unique monasteries, including the beautiful Tiger's Nest.

2.   Honeymoon Special- 4 days 3night. 

Places of interest are Paro Valley and Thimphu.

You will have all luxurious accommodation and amenities in this package. 

Contact us for detail itinerary and arrangement.

Note: Please note that we didn’t publish our itinerary especially for this tour as we wanted it to be unique from the rest, which is common and boring. Thus, if you are interested, kindly write to us for detailed information. Our experts will guide you.

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