Cultural Tours Package

Discover the rich cultural legacy of Bhutan by intriguing this cultural tour.  You can visit to ancient monasteries, museums, cultural centers, and excursion to charismatic Bhutanese villages and experience the Bhutanese village life, examine the conventional art of remedial diseases at the aboriginal Hospital and learn more about the rich Bhutanese art and culture by visiting the Art & Craft School and National Library

Bhutan Adventure Tour

http://localhost/jf_wellls/Bhutan, nestled in the heart of the great Himalaya has remained in remoteness for centuries, detached from the rest of the world. Since its door was opened in 1974, visitors have been mesmerized by its unique culture and tradition, the charming people... 

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Shangrila Tours

http://localhost/jf_wellls/Bhutan known as hidden paradise of Himalayan land. Bhutan is land of culture and extreme charm which exudes a special feeling of peacefulness.

Bhutan has preserved its ancient culture as their progenitor did....

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Magical Tour

http://localhost/jf_wellls/Venture into a world that will touch your heart and soul. Nestled deep in the eastern Himalaya, unknown to much of the world. Magnificent mountains, lush valleys, thick forests, a serene lifestyle and traditions unchanged for centuries – this is the essence of Bhutan. 

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Glimpse of Bhutan

http://localhost/jf_wellls/This cultural tour through the spiritual Western valleys of Bhutan is a perfect opening to the Dragon Kingdom. Familiarity with the Bhutanese hospitality, admires beautiful landscapes and rich buddhist culture. Highlights include Ta Dzong Museum, Rimpong Dzong and the legendary Taktsang Monastery.

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Dragon Kingdom Tours

http://localhost/jf_wellls/A fascinating journey through Dragon kingdom, where wonderful fortresses over the hilltops and prayer flags flutter in the breeze, where everyone wears national dress.

Can you imagine travelling through the "Land of Happiness".

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East West Tours

http://localhost/jf_wellls/images/img/bm19a.jpgBhutan east west tour is popular tour destination in Bhutan .East west Bhutan tour can be do with in 14 days east ridge to west ridge thus many travelers prefer this tour. This is a fantastic East-to-West traverse tour covering the best of both sides of Bhutan so you don't miss out on anything. 

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Central Bhutan Cultural Tour

http://localhost/jf_wellls/This in-depth cultural tour offers a rare opportunity to savour the different customs and cultures of the western and central valleys of Bhutan at a leisurely pace.

Highlights include Ta Dzong Museum, Rimpong Dzong and the infamous Taktsang Monastery. 

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